If your organization is searching for a product packaging manufacturer for retail goods, then you likely have a number of questions that range from who to work with, to what packaging solution is ideal for my product.

Product packaging plays a major role into salability. It’s structural design, graphics, messaging and general presentation has the power to stop people walking down the aisle while drawing their attention to your product making it stand out from its competition. Here are types of product packaging that can help make your retail items stand out and convert into sales.

Corrugated Litholam Boxes

When it comes to corrugated boxing, litho-laminate is the highest quality of this product packaging type. It is ideal for packaging applications that require extra durability. If you have a product that is awkwardly shaped or heavy in weight, corrugated litholam boxes are likely an ideal solution as they offer significant protection to the product, and its rugged construction helps it withstand a drop or a rough shipping transit. In other words, the packaging will appear crisp, and we all know that a dented box can repel buyers. If your product depends on creating positive shelf appeal to sell units, then corrugated litholam boxes can significantly reduce the risk of damage and increase sales.

You may be tempted to save money up front by using a cheaper product packaging solution, but in the long run you will lose money and run the risk of damaging your brand’s reputation. Rather than using sub-par packaging alternatives like flexo-printing (known for low-quality graphics) or litho-label (prone to wrinkling), invest wisely in corrugated litholam boxes to create a high-end look that buyers will love.

Folding Cartons for Product Packaging

Folding cartons are ideal ways to make a strong impression on buyers with product packaging that makes sense. This type of packaging is ideal for products that contain multiple items, like cosmetics or beverages. The best product packaging companies design folding cartons in a way that makes them stand out on the retail shelf while creating sales growth. Various materials can be used according to the organization’s needs and this means you have unmatched flexibility when it comes to design thanks to the ability to work with all substrates and materials. Folding cartons can be created using a number of high-end finishes that include embossing, debossing, laminates, soft touch finishes, and UV coatings.

Folding cartons are also ideal for companies that have strict budgets who require a more affordable product packaging solution without sacrificing on quality. Companies that order in bulk also love folding cartons because they fold and ship flat thus making large orders a cake walk while controlling shipping costs.

Plastic PET Product Packaging

If your product’s design can sell itself, then plastic product packaging and PET solutions can allow its look to work with the packaging design and messaging. The plastic component offers full transparency so buyers can see the product. Some PET product packaging solutions include clam shells, molded blisters, clear folding cartons, and a number of other options. In addition, the best product packaging companies have teams of structural engineers who can design custom plastic packaging solutions that fit your product like a glove.

You also have the option to use certain PET substrates that embrace green materials, and you can choose printed and non-printed plastics. The best product packaging manufacturers also give organizations the option to use foldable plastic packaging for quick and easy assembly.

Which Packaging Product Best Meets Your Needs?

If you aren’t entirely sure which packaging solution is best for your retail product, call a manufacturer and ask for a consultation. The best product packaging and printing companies have creative teams and engineers who can work with you to determine the best options.