If you are a business owner, or you help manage a commercial site and are looking for a reputable oil tank removal NJ company, you are likely in one of these two scenarios: a leaking oil tank has been detected on your property, or you want to protect your company and employees by ensuring there are no buried oil tanks on the premises.

When it comes to safety and protecting your organization’s reputation, finding the best oil tank removal NJ company for commercial services is paramount. These four tips will help you in the vetting process for sourcing an oil tank detection and removal company that is truly an industry leader capable of performing oil tank removal safely, and at budget.

Any Reputable Oil Tank Removal NJ Company will Have Decades of Experience

There may be new oil tank removal companies that are perfectly acceptable, but experience always speaks volume. This is especially true when the oil tank removal NJ services are for a commercial property. The reason being that a significant number of unexpected problems can arise unseen in residential services, and experience is the only enablement tool for making quick and accurate decisions that can save your company millions of dollars.

If not properly handled, a potential disaster could require costly soil remediation services. Additionally, exposure to putrid petroleum and other chemicals can make employees sick and set your organization up for a devastating lawsuit. Finally, if the oil tank removal company makes a mistake resulting in a bad spill, you can be held accountable and face state and Federal fines. Clearly, working with an experienced oil tank removal NJ company with at least 20 years of experience will significantly reduce the chances of disaster unfolding.

Make Sure the Oil Tank Removal Company Offers Multiple Services

One telling sign of an amateur oil tank removal company is simply this: the only service they perform is removing oil tanks. The last thing you need is to book time for a service provider to come remove the oil tank, but lack the technology, equipment, experience, and crew to perform oil tank sweep services (also known as oil tank detection) to locate any additional tanks that might be buried. You also want a team licensed to perform soil remediation and environmental cleanup, as well as oil tank disposal. You will save time and money by hiring an oil tank removal NJ company capable of all services that might be required.

Contact at Least 3 Oil Tank Removal Companies in NJ

Shopping for oil tank removal services is not like shopping for a new sweater. You need to take your time to truly learn about the company, and their approach. You also want to get verification they are licensed, insured and bonded. Also, ask for references or verified reviews from past customers similar to your own business. Call at least three oil tank removal NJ companies and make sure the one you partner with hits these must-haves, and more!