Like all competent dentists in Tijuana, it’s normal for you to think about growing your clinic, especially if you’re just starting out or have already managed to establish it properly, but you still don’t have enough clients.

Precisely for this reason, today we will give you some tips that not only can help you grow up your business, but can also be what you need to be able to have the financial success you’ve been looking for.


Create a website about your clinic

This may sound too obvious today, but even so, you should know that one of the most important steps for any company to be known, is to have its own website. It means that in this website you will not only be able to have your regular customers follow you, but they will also be able to recommend you and, plus that, you will be able to attract potential customers.

You should keep in mind that the objective of your website is not to generate thousands of visits, but rather to generate useful content, to convince potential clients that your clinic is the best place to get their long term use of dental braces and so they decide to make an appointment. To achieve this, your site must be easy to navigate and the content must be persuasive.

Make yourself known on social networks and use SEO

Social networks are one of the most used tools by large and small businesses because if it is used properly, they can help to get customers. However, before you venture to use social networks, you must have your goals very clear.

The localized SEO is very important for search engines to put your website among the highest suggestions, so that if the patient is looking for some treatment your website is suggested.


Customer service speaks well of you

It is important that you always keep in mind that the way the client is cared for, can be the most important factor, apart from the treatments you offer. A good marketing campaign on social networks is useless if the treatment of patients leaves much to be desired.

Like any of the thousands of other competent dentists in Tijuana, you must make sure that the patient care is excellent. It should be a good treatment from the moment they arrive at the reception desk, until you give the consultation and after finishing the treatment.


There are even people who prefer to spent a little more money in a dental clinic where they are treated well, rather than having to go to a clinic where staff treat patients in a way that leaves a lot to be desired.


As you will see, there are many things to consider if you want to achieve success in this sector. That’s why it’s important to look at the small details that can help you make better progress.


I hope that these three infallible tips for attracting patients to your dental clinic can help you improve your marketing plan, and so you can have soon the financial success you are looking for.