Organizations are searching for high-quality multilingual desktop publishing companies to enhance the process of distributing information and enhancing visual communication. This is sought not just for their internal, but also for use with clients and partners. But there is more to desktop publishing than this. When executed properly by the best multilingual desktop publishing service provider, communication timelines can be enhanced with clear messaging in easy-to-digest formats.

Desktop Publishing and In-House Translation Experts

The best multilingual desktop publishing companies will have certified teams of experts who not only master the languages your project requires translation for, but the software application itself. They will also be fluent in industry-related language, terms, and in operations surrounding your industry. True expert multilingual desktop publishers and translators will also have a mastering of dialects and how language is expressed in this context through desktop printing. Whether your agency requires PDF manuals to be translated and printed, or have digital communication platforms translated in Chinese, look for a multilingual translation agency that offers desktop publishing as a main service to ensure you get top quality. Finally, demand that your team is all in-house. Otherwise quality, customer service, and deadlines will take a hit.

Look for a Variety of Desktop Publishing Services

Not only will you want to ensure that your multilingual desktop publisher uses page design software and translation tools that provide solutions to all yours needs, you will also want to look for a company that provides various services in this area. One sure sign of a top multilingual DTP service provider is how broad their services are. Your organization will likely require numerous service types, so look for a desktop publishing company that offers the following:

  • Employee newsletter
  • Employee manual
  • Company brochure
  • Employment forms
  • Direct mailers
  • Company website
  • Invoices
  • Quote forms
  • Financial reports
  • Project proposals
  • Flyers
  • Certificates


As for the central software, avoid companies that use the page design software that comes standard on any computer. This includes Microsoft Publisher on Windows and Apple’s Pages on Mac. While these are office standards, they do not offer some of the key features needed to perform high-end multilingual desktop publications and translations. Of course you will want to ensure the company can translate these with software that allows for integration, but by no means should this be their standard. Even Adobe InDesign is rather a vanilla option, but your agency should be able to accommodate your documents from this source, along with all other Adobe products.

Other DTP Services Your Business Needs

Now that we have covered software and service types, let’s go a little deeper and look at four particular services that should absolutely be offered by the best multilingual desktop publishing companies. The best agencies that translate DTP materials and re-publish them in another language should provide PDF generation files for print publication. They should also offer layout and formatting of localized materials to mimic originals with the highest standards held true to the target language. Also, make sure they extract content for translation from any DTP file format or application, while performing ongoing DTP quality assurance checks.

If you are able to find a DTP translation service that hits all of these requirements on the head, then you are well on your way to partnering with the best in business.