Having common values in the company is essential to achieve the objectives of the teams in the workplace, so creating a company culture is one of the best ways to promote a common feeling to achieve the overall goals of the business.

The corporate culture can be achieved in many ways, be it with discussion panels, workshops and practices, but above all it is necessary to take into account these 5 simple steps to create a corporate culture:

Activities of union: doing activities that unite the team can make the bonds grow and that everyone can get along better with co-workers such as going to the dentist in Tijuana or try to go to the gym together.
The culture is made from top to bottom: The shared values must be modeled from the leadership, that is, it is from top to bottom from where the objectives, values ??and ethics of the company should be reflected.
A positive company culture needs communication: For a culture to be maintained in all teams, good communication is necessary. The people who make up the team must know the values ??of the company and know how to articulate them in the projects through actions that reflect the business culture.
Staff and stakeholders should have feedback on the culture of the company: Having comments and recommendations from customers is very important to create a culture of company, in addition to training employees in relation to productivity and operations of the company with the clients.
If someone does not comply or does not align with the culture of the company, there must be responsibility and dialogue: For the company culture to be maintained, people have to take responsibility for their actions and their values. If actions are continuously carried out that go against business values, the staff will stop believing in them.
Evaluate and audit the company’s culture on a regular basis: The attitudes and values ??that make up the company’s culture must be maintained continuously through work. When the company grows or the personnel changes, the values can be revised and modified as well.