One of the best signs you had an unforgettable special event is when, that next Monday morning rolls around, and people are still in awe while sipping their coffee over the 3d mapping and other marvels they beheld. Truly stunning your audience with interactive media is a tall order, as we have all been to the vanilla events that use greeting cards and branded gift bags under each seat.

Corporations and brands understand that capturing their audience member’s imaginations and emotions requires something cutting-edge, and highly special. This is why companies like BMW and Samsung turn to the best interactive media production companies to create those memorable moments that live on forever.

What is Interactive Media?

Interactive media allows “users” to actively participate or interactive with digital elements. This technology is commonly found in video games, special features in DVDs, amusement park attractions, and in special events. However, most interactive media takes place on website where people shop, play games, take a class, communicate with friends, or seek entertainment.

Interactive Media and Branded Events

Brand logos on banners and even projected with lights onto the walls is as thrilling as a cup of pudding. Today’s innovative businesses are turning to stage design companies that offer interactive media to engage audiences with product launches.

For example, the Moscow-based international interactive media and stage lighting design company Sila Sveta created an interactive media experience for audience members at the launch of Audi’s new A4 in 2016. This interactive driving experience allowed consumers to enter a massive futuristic dome concealing a real vehicle where they could experience what it would be like to drive the car. This was possible due to the dome’s covered surface baring 3D projection which created a fully immersive digital experience for those who participated.

Users engaged 3D content with special glasses that then took drivers on a unique journey through outer space. This interactive experience involved maneuvering between planets and escaping asteroid collisions by moving the car’s wheel. The event was widely successful and helped guests both experience and feel the Audi brand’s innovative mindset in producing cars of exceptional class with visionary insight.

Interactive Media and Your Special Event Stage Design

Virtual reality has come a long way. VR glasses can be purchased for under $100, and with the right programming and creative design, interactive media can bridge the audience to the product release in innovative, exciting ways that breathe electrifying life into the newest products. The world’s best interactive media companies that do product launched have entire production teams that include creative directors, producers, art directors, project managers, concept artists and many more people who work to design an experience that takes your brand and its products to a whole new level. Often, other artistic productions accompany interactive media, like 3D Mapping, lighted stage design and experimental displays using things like multimedia projection technology.

Locate an interactive media stage design experts, and see what it takes to make your brand the talk of your industry!