If you’re thinking about opening your own dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico, you may already know how hard it can be to start from scratch, especially if you’re just graduated. However, this should not be a reason to give up, on the contrary, you should know that today you have good tools that can help you grow your business.

Things are not as they used to be. With today’s modern technology, you can make your brand or company known with the help of advertising, without the need to invest thousands and thousands as they did a few years ago. Also, if you add a good strategy to this, you can say that success is already assured.

How can we advertise without spending too much money?

As we said before, it is common for people to think that you have to invest a lot to have a good advertising campaign, but you can have good advertising without investing large amounts of money.

Let’s start by talking about traditional advertising. It’s true that not everyone has enough money to pay for TV commercials, but advertising in newspapers can be a good idea.

Since newspapers don’t usually charge a lot of money for this type of advertising, it’s a good strategy, especially because it opens the possibility for patients who arrive at your clinic to recommend you later.

Another thing you can do is hand out pamphlets about your clinic, in the neighborhood where you work and nearby places. This will increase the number of people going to see the services you offer.

Offering a free oral check-up can be a great strategy to be able to get patients, since many times patients do not go to a new clinic, because they think it will be very expensive, or that in their case what is necessary will be the prolonged use of dental appliances, which usually cost a lot.

Announcing this in your newspaper advertisement and handouts can be a good strategy not only to get customers to come in, but also to create an attractive image.

The free advertising that your patients can do when they talk about your clinic is word of mouth. By means of this publicity, depending on the treatment received by the client, is that it will recommend you with his acquaintances.

That’s why it’s important that you always offer a good treatment, so that not only are your patients invited to carry out the treatments they need, in your clinic, but also decide of their own mutual recommendation.

You may already know this, but it goes without saying that digital marketing is also necessary if you want your business to grow rapidly. Since traditional advertising media are good, you have to keep in mind that most people spend most of their time surfing the Internet.

For this reason, you may want to seek the help of an expert who can guide you to create a good digital marketing campaign.

I hope these tips can help you make your clinic grow faster and faster, remember that continuous effort is what makes the difference.