Having a criminal background in your history can be life-changing and devastating. It can prevent you from getting the best jobs, serving your country in the armed forces, voting, and having a criminal record can even interfere with your family goals. Whether you have been charged with a DUI, theft, or manslaughter it is paramount to your future to work with a top criminal defense attorney capable of ensuring that your legal rights are respected, protected and that you are left with a bright future ahead.

Look for a Criminal Defense Attorney Who is Passionate About the Law

To many outsiders of the law, working as a criminal defence lawyer may seem strange and even unsavory. But the best criminal defence attorneys are at the top of their field because they are truly passionate about helping people accused with a crime navigate the treacherous waters so they can have a fruitful life ahead and a second chance. Look for a lawyer who listens to your story with genuine interest as opposed to one who is simply “representing you”.

Find a Lawyer with Experience Relevant to Your Case

It goes without saying that a family attorney will not be best suited to represent your criminal case. But don’t just place the bar on a criminal lawyer but instead push it a few notches higher by looking for a lawyer in the right practice area with experience specific to YOUR case. If you are facing involuntary manslaughter charges, look for a lawyer who has a sizeable portfolio of defending clients facing involuntary manslaughter and not just a history of armed robbery, sexual assault and fraud charges.

Who is on the Legal Team?

Whether you consider working with a single lawyer or seek legal representation through a law firm, make sure you have full clarity on who will be helping you with your case, as this is not going to be a one-man-show. Most criminal defence lawyers have teams of people ranging from a few additionals to 10 or more. Make sure your lawyer’s legal support staff are not interns; you will want a lawyer with a team of paralegals and junior attorneys to ensure your case is handled by the best professionals.

Pay Attention to Attitude

Avoid cocky, arrogant lawyers. These guys are in it for themselves and not for their clients. Look for a criminal defence attorney who is confident without being arrogant. They should be able to pull from their past experiences defending criminal cases relevant to yours and pool that knowledge into the facts and considerations that surround your case in a way where they feel confident in fighting your case.

Check References

A good criminal defense lawyer will have satisfied clients willing to serve as references. Ask for three or four of these and don’t go by online reviews alone. You will want to have a phone conversation with a real past clients. Ask them what they loved about the attorney, what improvements could have been made, and if they would hire them again.